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Welcome to "Geo for All" North America Region Thematic

North America Region


  • Helena Mitasova (USA), hmitaso ncsu edu
  • Charles Schweik (USA), cschweik pubpol umass edu
  • Phillip Davis (USA), pdavis delmar edu

Mailing list:


With the "Geo for All" the North America region wise thematic group established, the chairs of this are now the contact points for any new labs to be established in North America to contact and the mailing list becomes the first point of contact for the new members and all regional members in the region can use the list for collaborating on regional funding calls, FOSS4G local conferences etc.

This way we can make sure it is scaleable and meets local/region requirements/needs. All ideas welcome.

Educational material

Feel free to add your own material which fits into open (geospatial) education, i.e. is publicly available, uses free and open source software etc.

If the list grows too long, we can just include highlights for each lab. If there is some better place, we can just remove the list from here.

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