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The GeoNetwork PSC requests a 2021 budget of $2500.

Intended for:

  • $1000: Operational budget to assist any team and outreach activities
  • $1500: Legal advice to evaluate the upcoming license change of Elasticsearch

Topic 1 includes:

  • Bolsena Codesprint 2021 will hopefully be IRL, else online like last year.
  • GeoNetwork User meeting will be online like last year.
  • GeoNetwork website hosting, nightly builds
  • Migration to Github Actions, Travis has changed its fees, so we're in the process of adopting Github Actions, which is more cost effective.

Topic 2 is required the Elastic team has adopted a license which is not OSI compatible. We have to evaluate if this impacts the license of GeoNetwork or any service deployment including GeoNetwork. Read more at ES has become a required component since GeoNetwork 4.