Geodata Committee 16th Meeting

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Meeting Details

 Chair: David Bitner 
 Voice: Conference Call
 IRC backup: #osgeo channel on (or via Web based IRC client)
 Date: 2008-March-26 (at least in the Americas and Europe)
 Time: 1500 GMT / 1100 East Coast (fixed time)


  • Governance -- Add Vice Chairs? (Bitner)
  • Vector Data Status (Martin Spott)
  • GeoJSON Format Update (Chris Schmidt)
  • Raster Data Status (Chris Schmidt)
  • Metadata Update (Jo Walsh)
  • TelaScience Systems Update (Norman Vine, John Graham)
  • GeoNetwork Install (Lorenzo Becchi)
  • OSGB Study Response (Schuyler)
  • Mission Statement Work (Bitner)
  • 2008 Work Plan (Bitner)


IRC Logs although talk was primarily on the phone


  • David Bitner
  • Kevin Ward
  • Ned Horning
  • Shawn Baldwin
  • Chris Schmidt
  • John Graham
  • Norman Vine
  • Dave Smith
  • Markus Neteler


  • Governance
    • Idea to have Vice-Chairs for following categories
      • Raster Data Repository
      • Vector Data Repository
      • Metadata Standards / Tools (including GeoNetwork Install)
      • Systems (Coordinate with SAC / Telascience)
      • GeoData Licensing
    • Vice-Chair would just be responsible for keeping track of what is going on in their respective areas
    • Would be responsible to report at each meeting
    • Idea generally accepted, will send out a call for volunteers
  • Vector Data Status Report
    • [1] has links to getCapabilities documents available
    • Martin Spott relayed after the meeting that he's been keeping the wiki up to date [2]
  • Raster Data Status Report
    • We have a lot of relationships built to start ingesting near real-time Modis data as well as to acquire large amounts of data from USGS, NOAA, and NASA
    • Will plan a meeting in the near future to strategize the plans
  • TelaScience Systems Update
    • Discussion on where we have space, what work is being done on each machine
  • Mission Statement
    • Bitner will take another stab at pulling together the comments received in December