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Dear xyz,

Thank you for your email . I am ccing all the co chairs of **the region** for "Geo for All" who will be happy to provide any details you need and please coordinate with them.

The criteria for membership for ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS Labs are at

Could i request that you now follow the following steps:

1. Please confirm you are happy with our criteria and principles at and demonstrate activity that supports the Geo4all vision

2. Please also join the two mail list below so you and your colleagues get updated on the various developments both global and regional. [global list] [Europe list] or whichever regional list as appropriate

3. Please add your lab details as (no !!!) to the wiki table list at . It will then get updated in our website etc.

4. Please confirm who will be the liaison officer to the initiative representing your university or if this is someone else from your university please add their details (email etc in this table)

5. Please take steps to setup a dedicated website for your Open Source Geospatial Laboratory listing current research, people, and training information. This web presence will allow other nodes in the network and the general public to understand and promote your local efforts around research and teaching of open source geospatial technologies open data and open education approaches. The website should be established within a year of the lab announcement and has to be maintained at least annually.

We look forward to welcoming you and working with you for expanding Open Principles in Geo Education. We will be pleased to provide any details you need and please contact us for any information needed.

Best wishes,