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OSGeo Member
Name: Gonzalo Gabriel Perez Avatar of zalitoar at gmail dot com
Job Title: Developer & GIS analyst
Company: Instituto Geográfico Nacional
Address: Buenos Aires, Argentina
City: Temperley
State: Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Country: Argentina
Local Chapter: Sudamerica
Email: zalitoar@gmail.com
Instant Messaging: @zalitoar
Language(s): Spanish; english
Personal Description :
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OSGeo Experience and Roles:

OSGeo User.png   Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina


2008 - I joined as a contributor to OpenStreetMap project.

2012 - I became member of Geoinquietos Argentina (formerly Geoinquietos Buenos Aires).

2013 - I was part of the FOSS4G Buenos Aires 2013 conference team and organized the first State of the Map (SotM) in Buenos Aires as a side event and local edition of the OSM international conference.

2014 - Coordinator of the State of the Map 2014 (OpenStreetMap's international conference) held in Buenos Aires. During the organization of that conference (it took a year), I proposed to other latin american OSM's contributors to create a group with our communities to gather them and work together in common objectives, months later the OSM-LatAm group was founded. After some weeks, at 'SotM 2014' we proposed to make every year a regional conference called State of the Map Latam which started in 2015.

2015 - I started to work for the National Geographic Institute. Accepted as Charter Member of OSGeo.

2016 - Financial responsible of FOSS4G Argentina 2016 conference

2017 - Member of the FOSS4G + SOTM Argentina 2017 conference team.


Email: zalitoar AT gmail DOT com
Twitter: @zalitoar
LinkedIn gonzalogabrielperez