Google Summer of Code 2012 Improvements

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This page collects suggestions and ideas for improvement of OSGeo Google Summer of Code

  • Automated blog grind-o-matic: An idea from umbrella They have the site which acts as a central aggregator (Planet) for each of the student blogs. That way mentors and students can keep track of their fellow coders, making the summer a bit less lonely, and making common expectations a bit more obvious. On top of that, Arc has it set up so that if the week ends without a blog post from any particular student, then an automated email is sent out to the student, their mentor, and the org admins. (run by a little cron job to parse the RSS feed, which I'm sure they'd share the code for) --HB
  • Remove Mentor form registration Several mentors didn't register in Melange after filling the OSGeo mentor form. I suppose it looks like the final step, whereas it is only for internal use. Actually, admins could ask for the same information in the Mentor registration on Melange. --AG
  • Add your idea here: Explain it here.

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