Google Summer of Code 2018 Results

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OSGeo participated in Google Summer of Code 2018 with 13 projects, of which 10 were successful:

Community Title Student 1st mentor 2nd mentor Wiki page Repository
Gisquick Extension of Gisquick platform filtering tool based on raster and vector spatio-temporal data David Těthal Marcel Dancák Martin Landa
GRASS GIS GRASS GIS module for Sentinel-2 cloud and shadow detection Roberta Fagadini Roberto Marzocchi Moritz Lennert
GRASS GIS Full support of Python 3 in GRASS GIS Sanjeet Bhatti Anna Petrášová Luca Delucchi
istSOS Support of Unit Of Measure conversion in istSOS3 Rahul Chauhan Massimiliano Cannata Milan Antonovic
pgRouting Implement Minimum Spanning Tree and Min-Cut for pgRouting by the Boost Graph Library. Aditya Pratap Singh Rohith Reddy Sankepally Vihan Jain
pgRouting Making pgRoutingLayer plugin compatible with QGIS 3.0 and Adding GUI support for proposed stable functions which are scheduled for next release. Aasheesh Tiwari Cayetano Benavent Vicky Vergara
pgRouting Implement Minimum-cost flow Algorithm by the Boost Graph Library and Chinese Postman Problem for pgRouting Maoguang Wang Vihan Jain Daniel Kastl
pgRouting Implement Parallel Dijkstra’s and Bellman-Ford algorithm by the Parallel BGL Sourabh Garg Vicky Vergara Daniel Kastl
PostGIS Implement Geospatial Data Viewer in pgAdmin4 for PostGIS Xuri Gong Victoria Rautenbach Frikan Erwee
PyWPS Database Output Storage for PyWPS Jan Pišl Jachym Cepicky Martin Landa