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Client for remote symbology definitions

Develop a GUI that connects to a remote server and queries for symbol definitions (probably using SLD). On the server side, a user-friendly interface with symbols previsualization, categories and some social-web capabilities would be great. The work would be achieved by:

  • Define a symbol metadata schema
  • Create a web application that:
    • manages symbol definitions (CRUD)
    • accepts queries for symbols, probably using a RESTful interface
  • Integrate a search GUI on gvSIG style editor

The server part could be used not only for gvSIG but also for any SLD enabled application (i.e. GeoServer)

Port gvSIG libLocation to Android platform

libLocation (doc in Spanish) is a component developed at gvSIG project to use several location providers (mainly GPS). As a library, it's being used at this time in gvSIG mobile and it's being created an extension for gvSIG desktop over libLocation to let users to connect gvSIG to their GPS. This library could be ported to new Android platform using it location API to enrich new Android GIS applications.

The work would be achieved by:

  • Adapt libLocation to Android «java-like» platform
  • Use libLocation on a new or existing Android application

WMS Tiling Cache support in gvSIG

WMS_Tile_Caching has been defined within OSGeo, with a WMS_Tiling_Client_Recommendation. The aim of the proposal is to add WMS Tiling Cache support to gvSIG, in order to allow the loading of this kind of layers (WMS-Cache).

The work may be achieved by:

  1. First designing raster tile support in gvSIG core.
  2. Adding a new renderer on the same Map Control.
  3. It should be defined the way a tile layer is going to be integrated with the rest of layers, attending to discrete zoom levels.
  4. Management of multiple tile layers with possibly different zoom levels.

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