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This meeting is scheduled for the 6th of June 2013 at 14.00 UTC

COST bid meeting (led by Maria) for interested participants will be at 13:00 UTC

Connection Details

Please remember to login 15 minutes early to download plugins and check audio/microphones working

1.  Go to URL http://delmarcollege.adobeconnect.com/nisgtc/
2.  Log in as a Guest using first and last names
3.  From the Meeting menu, select audio setup wizard and go through the Wizard to set up your speaker and microphones to participate with group.


  • Decide on who will take meeting minutes to post on wiki
  • Introductions with 2min overviews from each participant (All)
  • Website update (Manuel)
  • Updates on relevant training opportunities, bid opportunities (All)
  • FOSS4G 2013 Nottingham Update (Suchith)
  • ICC 2013 Dresden update (Suchith)
  • Outreach with other geospatial educational communities (All)
  • Date and time for next meeting (All)
  • AOB


  • Attendance:
 * Arlete Meneguette, from Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil
 * Silvana Camboim, from Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), Brazil
 * Ela Woloszynska-Wisniewska, from UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre, Poland
 * Helena Mitasova, from North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC, USA
 * Jason Sadler, from University of Southampton, England
 * Jeff McKenna, President of OSGeo
 * Luis Bermudez, from the OGC
 * Manuel Haro, from Laboratorio de Software Libre, Mexico
 * Marco Negretti, Maria Brovelli, and Ludovico Biagi from Politecnico di Milan, Italy
 * Phillip Davis, GeoTech Centre, USA
 * Sergio Acosta y Lara,  Dirección Nacional de Topografía, Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas (MTOP), Uruguay
 * Robert Hollingsworth, Software developer, USA
 * Suchith Anand, from the University of Nottingham, UK
  • Website update (Manuel)
    • Helena, Suchith requested Manuel to remove the draft text in the demo site at www.conlibre.org/osgeolabs as it is confusing with OSGeo labs software incubation. To add the text in the wiki site http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Edu_current_initiatives Manuel agreed to make necessary changes
    • The labs webmap should only use open source tools. Everyone to add coordinates of their lab into the wiki so that Manuel can use it for generating the webmap.
    • everyone should try and provide feedback on changes needed to the website to Manuel
    • Manuel's informed that accounts for network members to add content ourselves is ready
    • When website ready the url should point to osgl.osgeo.org ; Jeff and Manuel to coordinate this.
    • Everyone thanks Manuel and his team for their help and efforts for the website

  • Updates on training/bid opportunities
    • Suchith updated all on the COST bid plan discussions that Maria is leading. The aim is to plan submitting for Sep 2013. Maria to keep everyone updated. Good good mix of countries/institutions. University of Newcastle (UK), UNEP/GRID-Warsaw Centre (Poland), ITC (Netherlands), Czech Technical University Prague (Czech Republic), Politecnico di Milan ( Italy), Aalto University (Finland). The good thing about COST is that it can be expanded later with more countries/universities added. The main focus should be now to prepare a strong proposal targeting the right theme (Environmental or ICT)
    • Silvania updated on Brazilian ICA-OSGeo Labs meeting during MundoGeo. There is excellent developments in Brazil with over 10 Brazialian universities to join our network soon
    • No updates on NSF bid (as Charlie couldn't make it for the meeting); but Charlie did present the network at FOSS4G-NA
    • Jason updated on key developments in Southampton. Initial stage discussions with Ordnance Survey, Web Science Institute etc.

  • FOSS4G 2013 Nottingham update
    • Conference program now ready at http://2013.foss4g.org/provisional/ Aiming for strong educational presence and activities. Birds of Feather Education meeting will be arranged in the sidelines of FOSS4G 2013 and hoping to get the message out to more universities. Jeff will speak about network at FOSS4G-CEE

  • ICC 2013 Dresden update
    • We will have a meeting of ICA-OSGeo labs network at ICC 2013 http://www.icc2013.org/ using the ICA Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies meeting slot at ICC 2013. Exact date and time will be informed soon.
  • Outreach with other geospatial education communities
    • Helena to be point of contact for UCGIS. Once website is ready she will contact US universities who have expressed interest to join our network and also proactivily promote through UCGIS network
    • Suchith to contact Mike Jackson for collaboration with AGILE
    • Silvania has contacts with GSDI South America , so she will explore collaborations with GSDI
    • Maria to explore collaborations with ISPRS

  • Next meeting (to adjust many people's holiday etc)
    • 29th July (Mon) at 14:00 UTC
    • Phillip will host again