INGRES Report 2007

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Ingres was new to join OSGEO in 2007. The enthusiasm for open source within the community was very impressive to see. Also, the quality and diversity of projects was also facinating.

We attended FOSS4G in Victoria and enjoyed the workshops and presentations. Above all, the people within the community really made a lasting impression on us. We found everyone to be knowledgable, enthusiastic, and very approachable. The passion for geospatial technology was everywhere. This kind of energy and talent bodes well for OSGEO in the future.

We decided to support the community through participation, reuse and contributions to common code such as the GEOS library/ OGR/ and more, and through sponsorship of OSGEO and the GDAL/OGR project.

It is our pleasure, and honour to be welcomed into the OSGEO community. We are looking forward to getting to you know each of you better, and working with you in the future.

See you around.

- Andrew Ross, on behalf of the team at Ingres.