INGRES Report 2008

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2008 was a good year for Ingres' Geospatial project. For those that are not familiar, Ingres was one of the first RDBMSs to add spatial support. The work was contracted and unfortunately though Ingres owned the rights to distribute the binaries, it did not own rights to distribute the code. This fact, combined with new industry standards created motivation for our geospatial project.

In 2008, we completed work to implement the 2D point data type in our new project. As well, we contributed updates to the GEOS project to fix some bugs and improve thread safety. One of our developers, Charles Thibert, is now a GEOS committer.

In 2009, we look forward to completing the first phase of our geospatial project and providing OGC Simple Feature Specification 1.1 compliance. We would like to thank the community for their support and interest, and thank OSGeo for nurturing a great community and ecosystem.

Thank you.

Andrew Ross

Director, Engineering