IncCom Meeting16

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  • Proposed date: Mon, 17 Jan 2012
  • Proposed time Australia 11pm, 6pm India, 2pm Europe, 8am Americas: [1]
  • Proposed location: IRC channel #osgeo (alternative Web client).


1) Approve minutes from IncCom Meeting15

2) status update from mentors or team representatives

  • PostGIS / Arnulf (away?)
  • geomoose / Jody Garnett
  • rasdaman / Bruce Bannerman (Jody Backup)
  • gvSig / jsanz
  • geoserver / no mentor
  • GEOS / FrankW
  • MetaCRS / Daniel Morissette

3) review incubation applications

  • ZOO-Project application [2] (mentor?)

4) Graduation Checklist - review and approve

5) Review open incubation issues [3]


Full log:

  1. Accepted minuets from [IncCom_Meeting15]
  2. Attending: pspencer, jsanz, nbozon, FrankW
  3. Status update
    • PostGIS (Arnulf indicated he was away on the email list) - review not complete yet
    • GeoMOOSE (Jody) project tracking well; review is next
    • rasdaman (Bruce) in the middle of a release; they will get back to us
    • GeoServer (no mentor) - pspencer_ has volunteered and has been accepted as mentor
    • GEOS (FrankW) - in good shape; Frank hopes to raise a motion in a day or two
    • MetaCRS (Daniel was unavailable). FrankW is willing to work; but unsure how to proceed (and would enjoy encouragement)
  4. Review incubation applications
    • Zoo-Project is waiting on a mentor; FrankW has volunteered after GEOS is done
  5. Graduation Checklist
    • Jody Provided a readable copy of Draft_Project_Graduation_Checklist_Draft
    • Minor corrections noted; with a healthy discussion of a few sections
    • Document tabled until next meeting (although it is viewed as close) to proven the meeting becoming a shared editing session
  6. Review open incubation issues
    • (closed) #147 Incubation Application GeoMOOSE
    • (closed) #32 User and Developer Doc Requirements
    • (closed) #370 rasdaman
    • (discussed) #362 Geotoolkit Application for Incubation to OSGeo
    • (closed) #30 update project status template with regard to committer responsibilities
    • (closed) Ticket #148 Incubator Application: JVNMobileGIS
    • (discussed) #282 Incubation Application: STARSpan

Action Items:

  • pspencer_ has volunteered to mentor GeoServer (Chirs Holmes / Jody Garnett provided as contact point)
  • JVNMobileGIS application rejected based on project inactivity