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This income projection is intended to assist Rich Steele in preparing the OSGeo 501(c)3 application which requires a 3 year projection of income, intended amoung other things to demonstrate "public support" for the charity.

All amounts are in US dollars.

In kind contributions of manpower, hardware, bandwidth, advertising, and swag are not included.


Because this is a "startup year" things are somewhat irregular.


Source Contributors Amount
Platinum Sponsorships (50K) 3 $150000
Gold Sponsorships (10K) 10 $100000
Silver Sponsorships (2.5K) 25 $62500
Directed Contracts (ie. ERDC, etc) 3 $100000
Foundation Grants 2 $80000
Supporting Membership ($40) 100 $4000
Misc. Charitable Donations 40 $10000
Swag Sales (ie. t-shirts) ($5 profit) 300 $1500
Total $508000

Note that a portion of sponsorships, and all of foundation grants, and directed contracts will be for specific project support.


Use 2007 number plus 25%.