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Irish OSGeo Local Chapter Meeting

Meeting Number: 2

Compiled by: Ozan

Date: 17.11.2015 17h00

Duration: 60 minutes

Location: Ozan's Webex

Attendance: Seth, Declan, Padraig, Peter, Daniel, Ozan

Apologies: NA

  • Started with summary of previous meeting
  • Presentation from Seth Girvin (Compass Informatics)
  • Seth talked about the Pavement Management System developed by Compass informatics. It is a hybrid system that uses both OSGEO and commercial products.
  • Seth talked about ArcPy geoprocessing tool which is used by couple of organizations including the EPA. There are several OS Python libraries it relies on, and powerful tool for network solutions like road network and river network datasets.
  • GeoServer and MapServer were discussed briefly; Declan, Seth and Ozan expressed their experiences with those OSGEO products, and discussed about usability and functionalities that they provided.
  • Seth and Ozan discussed about OpenLayers 2 and 3, and GeoExt.
  • Participants briefly discussed about open software licenses (free) and complexities of understanding the licence conditions.
  • It was agreed that there wouldn’t be any meeting in December, and next meeting possibly would be sometime in mid- January 2016.
  • Due to the communication issues and workloads of the participants, no one took the lead of the next meeting; however it was agreed that someone would volunteer to host the next meeting sometime in December or January.
  • It was agreed that if there was no facility available for the meeting when there was an organizer, Ozan would be hosting the next meeting on behalf of the organizer.