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Title: OSGeo-IE meeting - Symposium Planning

Date: 12.04.2017 16h30 (60 minutes)

Location: Teleconf.

Minutes Compiled: Peter Mooney

Attendees: Seth Girven, Peter Mooney, Padraig Fitzmaurice, Daniel McInerney, Ozan Emem, Hrishikesh Ballal

Apologies: Richard McDonnell

A number of items were discussed on the agenda for the teleconference.

1. Review/Update Speaker List 2. Eventbrite Registration Page 3. Targeted Promotion 4. Update/Progress on Sponsorship 5. Update on OSGeo (Seth) 6. Tasks to be assigned 7. AOB

1. Review/Update Speaker List

This is updated on the Google Spreadsheet and in the coming days this will be made available on the Wiki page for the symposium. Identify some people from local authorities - checking these out carefully one by one to make sure that we don’t get a lot of people at one time accepting. All of the organising committee should be prepared to give a lightning talk (if required) - but this doesn't appear that it will be necessary as there is already good interest. Chairs of sessions will be confirmed closer to the time.

2. Eventbrite Registration Page

The Eventbrite page is now setup and is ready for distribution - Daniel will manage the page. On EventBrite at the moment there are only a small number of registrations so far. Start to send out the Event Brite registration link and website to people.

3. Targeted Promotion

Depending on funding and budget - then we could maybe offer some free tickets near the time of the event. To students? To members of the VGI community in Ireland? Need to begin considering social media - Linked In Group - and Twitter (for example Compass Informatics Twitter account), maybe EPA GIS Twitter.

4. Update/Progress on Sponsorship

EPA will consider sponsorship provided that they get some slot in the programme.The relevance of the symposium to the EPA will need to be outlined.

5. Update on OSGeo

OSGeo will send a promotional pack for 100 people. This will provide the core of the contents for the delegate bag.

6. Tasks to be assigned

Peter will create the programme on the Wiki page.

All organisers should continue to promote the event, encourage registrations, etc.

7. AOB

While the cost of tea/coffee breaks appears to be a little expensive it was agreed to keep both breaks in the programme. It is a necessary part of the networking and social aspect of the symposium.

8. Next meeting Week of 24th April 2017