Istsos sprint 2019

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from the 9th to the 12th December 2019


- to be decided, option is @SUPSI in Lugano


  • Coding
  1. istSOS2 porting from py2 to py3
  2. enhancement of data gathering (json query)
  3. test using different Application (see uWSGI, Tornado, etc..)
  4. async query
  5. ...(pls. add more)...

  • Incubation
  1. review incubation status
  2. identify and assign tasks
  3. finalize code provenance for included libs
  4. ...(pls. add more)...


  1. Massimiliano Cannata
  2. Milan Antonovic
  3. Daniele Strigaro
  4. ...(pls. add yoursefl)...


  1. preparing T-shirts
  2. organize snacks/food

Possible budget: see OSGeo_Budget_2019