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The following information is requested as part of OSGeo Code Sprint Guidelines. The summary is provided from a more extensive event budget and cost comparison (google docs).

All amounts are in USD

Basic Information

  • Audience: 10-15 people are expected
  • Region: World wide event (location is Italy)
  • Projects: GeoServer, GeoTools, JAI-Ext, ImageIO-Ext
  • Length: March 13-17th (pending doodle polll)
  • Primary Venue: GeoSolutions has generously offered their office for the activity, attendees will be responsible for their own accomodation


  • Profit: This event is planned to break even or incur a loss (given the short lead up time). If any profit is made from sponsorship it will be returned to the OSGeo foundation.
  • Request: The GeoServer PSC requests $3,000 USD from OSGeo Board. Please read blow for budget details including sponsorship.
  • Loss: This event will incur a loss if event costs outstrip sponsorship. To mitigate this risk we will finalize budget on Feb 1st (one month before the event, prior to OSGeo board meeting Feb 2nd). Attendees booking prior to approval are taking a personal risk with full understanding sprint organizers may not be in position to assist with travel costs.
  • Risk: Due to the nature of this event it is an all or nothing activity. Without sufficent resources the GeoServer project can try for another sprint or cancel. We are aware of the risk and are a responsible project team planning out sprint activities prior to the event (evaluating technical risk, choosing an appropriate sized task, completing change proposals, and recruiting appropriate attendees for the activity).


Event Expenses

Expenses based on attendance of 10 people.

  • Registration $0: no registration fee planned.
  • Primary Venue $0: In-kind contribution, venue provided by GeoSolutions.
  • Alternate Venue n/a
  • Overseas Travel: 5,500 USD
  • Continental Travel: $500 USD
  • Accommodation $0: Attendee responsibility, recommend AirBnB, local hotels appear to be $70 USD a night


Sponsorship Forcast Amount No. Level USD
Third-Party 2,000 2 Gold 1000
1,500 3 Silver 500
1,000 4 Bronze 250
OSGeo Request 3,000
TOTAL 7,500

Attendee Budget

We find it critical to get field an appropriate number of developers for the task at hand (so if we want to take on CITE tests or REST API we need to make this event cost effective for developers to attend).

  • Travel: Code sprint fundings is primarily geared towards offsetting travel costs
  • Accommodation:$350 USD for the week (5 x $70 USD) - Local hotels cost in the range of $70 (since this is the off season before easter), estimate
  • Food TBD