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Name: Jeff Hamm [[File:
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Job Title: President
Company: GeoPlan Consulting
City: Tagish
State: Yukon
Country: Canada
Local Chapter: Yukon Chapter
Phone: (867)334-3015
Instant Messaging:
Language(s): English
Personal Description : I graduated as a geographer several datum changes ago, and remember clearly discovering the magic of gdal in my search to become digital and shpless. Now, 40 years later, I don’t know anyone that can’t find their way through the world using mobile mapping tools.

At a MapServer user meeting in Ottawa in 2004, I found and embraced a vibrant, innovative and sociable community of such diversity, everyone had a place, and a role in growing a movement.

As a participant and presenter at several FOSS4G conferences, I know how passionate OSGeo is about our community. In whatever small way I may have contributed, I have gained far more in return.

I am particularly interested in engaging community in land use decision making, and in mapping the negotiated and overlapping jurisdiction of colonial and indigenous world views.

I am fortunate to call the Yukon home, but I still stay connected with my OSGeo family everywhere. I value and respect diversity; and honour those who give of themselves to further the dreams of others.
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