Joint OGC OSGeo ASF Sprint 2021

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Document/track/coordinate FOSS4G project participation at the virtual Joint OGC OSGeo ASF Code Sprint 2021. The virtual event will run on 17/18/19 February 2021. The sprint will begin at 07:00am EST on the first day, and end at 05:30pm EST on the last day.

Event Details

All information, logistics for participants is coordinated at

There is an OGC registration page ( if you wish to be invited to kick-off meetings.


No Name Country Email Organization Project(s) Standard (s)
1 Tom Kralidis Canada tomkralidis at Meteorological Service of Canada pygeoapi, pycsw, OWSLib and the Geopython stack ogc-api-records
2 Angelos Tzotsos Greece tzotsos at OSGeo OSGeoLive, pycsw, pygeoapi, GeoNode, OWSLib
3 Steve Lime USA/MN sdlime at MNIT Services MapServer OGCAPI support
4 Astrid Emde Germany astrid_emde at OSGeo OSGeoLive, OSGeo
5 Andrea Aime Italy andrea.aime at GeoSolutions GeoServer ogc-api-features
6 Jody Garnett Canada jody.garnett at GeoCat GeoServer ogc-api-features
7 Paul van Genuchten NL genuchten at GeoCat GeoNetwork / pygeoapi ogc-api-features
8 Just van den Broecke NL justb4 at Just Objects pygeoapi, stetl, GeoHealthCheck and the GeoPython stack ogc-api-features
9 Peter Rushforth Canada peter.rushforth at Natural Resources Canada GeoServer Map Markup Language
10 Ahmad Ayubi Canada ahmad.ayubi at Natural Resources Canada GeoServer MapML Community Module Viewer Map Markup Language
11 Massimo Di Stefano Norway massimods at Norwegian Meteorological Institute pycsw CSW
12 Anna Petrasova USA kratochanna gmail com North Carolina State University GRASS GIS
13 Vaclav Petras USA wenzeslaus gmail com North Carolina State University GRASS GIS
14 Luca Delucchi Italy lucadeluge gmail com Fondazione Edmund Mach GRASS GIS