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WORK IN PROGRESS - Reviewing the concepts as laid out here

The primary version of the OSGeo Journal is written in United States English. Translators are welcome to translate any portion of the OSGeo Journal into another language, but must work as close as possible with the Journal editorial team.

Please join the Journal mailing list and introduce yourself as a translator. Also add yourself to the appropriate list(s) below.


Please review the Journal Licensing and Guidelines page first, to read about licensing conditions of the work. There must be at least two people reviewing a translated work for a particular language, to help ensure accurate translation. A single translator must have someone proof-read the final work.

Translation Team

Please list your language and the names and contact information for those who are part of your translation language team.

DRAFT Ideas - need refining


The text of the Journal is managed in a subversion code repository, as latex text files. When a volume of the Journal is released as US English, it is always stored in a folder with a version number and a folder called en-us, i.e. journal/volume_1/en-us.

Other language specific branches can then be made using their two letter language code and, optionally, a two letter country code (e.g. es for Spanish, pt for Portuguese, pt-br for Brazilian Portuguese, etc.).

Setting up SVN

Administrator creates language specific folder from a copy of main version

svn copy -m "set up french version"

Translator checks out language specific folder

svn checkout

Translator edits files in local copy of the language folder - not in main volume folder

vi fr/editorial/mitchell.tex
vi fr/topical/blake/blake.tex

Compiling documentation should still work after translation

cd fr
cp OSGeoJournal_vol1.pdf final_pdfs

Submit back to repository

svn commit --message "comments here" fr

Proof reader and co-translators must then review changes. Editorial team can then post the translated version to the main Journal pages.