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Article Guidelines

from TylerM:

"Think of it as a bulletin board for sharing pieces of news with the worldwide OSGeo community or inviting others to join in your work.

I invite you to contribute a short summary of the sorts of things your group has been working on. The Journal will be published (digitally) by August, but if you want to contribute an article we will need it by July 6th."

Article Draft


The Ottawa Local Chapter of OSGeo was formed in July 2006 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The group is a union of two previously existing groups: the Ottawa GRASS Users Group (OGUG) formed in June 2005, and the Ottawa MapServer Users Group (OMSUG) formed in winter 2003. Both groups were already very active in the FOSS4G community, with OGUG continuing development and use of the Public Geodata License in english (, and OMSUG hosting the 2004 Open Source GIS Conference in Ottawa ( The Ottawa OSGEO Chapter was formed by the combination of those original two groups, but also includes active local users and developers of at least the following OSGeo projects: GDAL/OGR, GRASS, Mapbuilder, MapGuide, and MapServer.


The OSGeo Ottawa Chapter exists to provide support for local users of Open Source Geospatial software, and to promote the goals and projects of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation. The Chapter is focused on the National Capital Region around Ottawa with face to face meetings providing networking, support and educational opportunities to the local members.

Chapter Co-Chairs

  • Dave Sampson, Natural Resources Canada
  • Jeff McKenna, DM Solutions Group

Current Activities

Meeting approximately once a month, the Chapter regularly enjoys presentations and discussions on various FOSS4G subjects, as well as refreshments. Recent presentation topics include the Nunaliit Atlas Framework (, as well as GeoServer's functionality (

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