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This is the planning and work page for the OSGeo Journal - Volume 4 publication.

If you want to contribute an article, add it to this list in the appropriate category.

Please review the Journal License and Guidelines page before adding your article to either article list.


  • Articles requiring peer review, Submission Ends: TBD
  • Article Submission Ends: February 15, 2008
  • Editing will take places as articles are received
  • Final Publication: March 31, 2008

Special Section: Annual Report

  • There will be a substantial section of this volume to covering the OSGeo 2007 Annual Report. Other articles, as below will also be included in this volume.

Contributors / Topics

See Journal for definition of the following categories. Add yourself if you are interested. Note that all categories don't have to be filled, so this serves as a rough outline for the types of content we generally hope to have.


  1. Tyler Mitchell: General updates


  1. Editor: Jason Fournier
  2. Author: Rafal Wawer; email: An International Symposium and an International Information Workshop on FOSS4G. Warsaw, June 16th-19th
  3. Author: Rafal Wawer; email: Summer Course on FOSS4G
  4. ...

Event Reports (2-3 articles)

Project Introductions (1-2 articles)

Case Studies (2-3 articles)

Integration Studies (2-3 articles)

Topical Studies (1-2 articles)

  1. Markus Lupp: Standards for Styling: OGC publishes 1.1.0 version of Symbology Encoding and Styled Layer Descriptor (about[1])
  1. Landon Blake: Geospatial Metadata (Sample Chapter From The Free GIS Book)

Programming Tutorials (1-2 articles)


  1. ...

  1. WhereGroup...
  2. ...

Developer Announcements

  1. OSGeo project summaries
  2. OSGeo Local Chapter updates
  3. ...