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A local region based chapter of OSGeo on the west coast state Kerala of the Indian Union. Kerala is known as God's own country, filled with rich geographical and environmental landscape. This region is rich in bio-diversity.


(Proposed) To promote the use and development of open source geospatial software and mapping of Kerala.

Objectives & Goals

  • Influence Professional Groups
    • Give Presentations to groups with an interest in Open Geospatial and/or Public Geodata.
    • Demonstrate diplomacy and interoperability of the OSGeo stack with other solutions through our activities.
    • Represent OSGeo via booths, literature and presentations at academic and professional conferences in Kerala
  • Development of OSGeo
    • Maintain of list of local groups and events throughout Kerala
  • Promote Access to Kerala Geodata
  • Promote Open Mapping of Kerala


Formation meet in February 2011.

Associate with OSGeo Kerala

To be an associate of the Kerala Chapter of OSGeo, you simply need to state that by adding yourself to the list below.


Meetings will be held annually at minimum and as needed in between.


Name(IRC/Chat Handle) - Short Description

Resource Mobilisation

Fund raising by taking up GIS based projects for external agencies. Focus is on getting several new sponsors for OSGeo in general which would create additional funds for support of chapter activities. See the Kerala Chapter Fundraising page for more information on fundraising, donations, and the financial accounts for the California Chapter.


Mailing List

To discuss events and ideas for OSGeo Kerala Chapter, an email list is created, please join. Mailing List (You may apply to join the mailing list at this page.)