Kickoff 20120424

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FOSS4G NA 2013 Kickoff Meeting

2012-04-24, Noon Cap's Grille, 50th and Hiawatha


  • Conference size
  • Date range to look at
  • How many days?
    • Workshops?
    • Sponsor Day?
    • Single day at lower cost to bring in non-tech interests (ie managers)?
  • Bank account host -- who should we push money through
  • Should we seek OSGeo or other financial backstop
  • Should we get a paid organizer
  • Initial "bootstrap" sponsorships
  • Communications
    • Time of day (aka during day or after hours) for meetings
    • In person vs. virtual
    • One list or separate lists for local committee and program/sponsorship committees
    • Updates to OSGeo Discuss and NA Chapter mailing lists