LOC conference call Jul 12, 2011

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  • Attending: James S, Libby, Tyler M, Jeff, Tyler E, Brian
  • Reviewed todos from last meeting and gave updates in following areas


  • New sponsor logo posted last week
  • A few more exhibitors came in over past couple weeks
  • Exhibitor details now online


  • James gave room cap size numbers last week
  • Note that workshop reg numbers are included as an attachment in James' weekly email
  • Currently collecting workshop materials, preparing for imaging drives


  • Posters - Jonathan adding to website? Waiting on determining schedule
  • Libby working with Rafael to allocate floor space for posters


  • Brian discussed newcomer event, working with Jonathan to simplify web pages, to also clearly show event info, speakers, and program
  • Exhibit reception: Agreed that no break between closing and exhibitor reception is needed


  • Brian discussed ball game plans, see email discussion. It's a challenge to assess who is available - hard to guess on # of attendees.
    • TODO Brian/Jeff: Start a wiki page to collect names for potential ball game attendees.
  • GITA will review art museum venue in upcoming weeks


  • OSGeo board thought a different timeslot than Friday aft would be better. Tyler follow up with Peter and Jeff to find another slot, not many choices, will end up much shorter, perhaps before Big Party?


  • Bob took some FOSS4G flyers, poster to the ESRIUC, will be in exhibit hall, he'll have lots of media interviews mentioning FOSS4G.. then registrations will come flooding in after the UC! ha ha
  • Question about FOSS4G video recording, all sessions will be recorded through fosslc.org


  • TODO TylerM/Jonathan: Add BOF, Posters, AGM to schedule when finalised
  • TODO TylerM: fix exhibitor floorplan image, not showing in some browsers

Code Sprint

  • TODO Jeff to follow up with Rafael on any particular issues, e.g. re: confirming wifi coverage

Other Items

  • Marketing ideas
    • Ask sponsors, speakers, workshop leaders to promote their involvement to their constituents (lists, web sites, twitter, etc.)
    • Promote use of sponsor logo and others listed on http://2011.foss4g.org/content/identity
    • TODO TylerM: create speaker/workshop leader version of web graphic
    • TODO TylerM: missing image on identity page, 120x under basic logos


  • See report from James S. on list. Hotel nights are current at 81% (652/800)!