LOC conference call Jul 5, 2011

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  • Attending: James Fee, James Sakamoto, Bob Samborski, Brian Timoney, Tyler Mitchell, Jeff McKenna, Ben Tuttle
  • Regrets: Peter Batty, Tyler Erickson
  • Meeting start 11am, July 5, 2011.


  • NBT signed up as new bronze sponsor. TODO: Tyler to add logo to site.


  • Discussed expanding two workshops to 80 seats and rescheduling larger workshops to use the same room. Agreed to keep one room (Windows) aside for all the largest workshops, capped at 80.
  • TODO: James to doublecheck on max 60 in some of the smaller rooms.


  • poster sessions to be added to website, complete? TODO: Follow up with Jonathan on list.


  • TODO: James F, checking into Jody's comment on twitter re: unscheduled "JAI" session.
  • Worth a quick review of scheduled items vs. full list
  • BOF needs to be scheduled, hour at end of each day, TODO: Tyler follow up on list add to schedule
  • Brian: updated on newcomer event, getting speaker pic/bio for website, further brainstorming on attracting non-traditional attendees or ones that can't afford whole event.
  • TODO: Friday night baseball game - Brian following up with Rockies on group sales/discounts, to present at next week's call.


  • GITA: Re-touring art museum for space/numbers for food


  • Tyler: Video promo first cut available, will circulate for review
  • TODO: Bob, James Fee heading to ESRIUC - some flyers needed, Tyler direct GITA to PDF for printing flyers


  • Schedule BOF and poster events

Code Sprint / Education Sprint

  • A/V covered?
  • Further sponsorship for food possible
  • TODO: Jeff: checking with Rafael re: wifi good to go?


  • TODO: Tyler add to the schedule, following Friday closing, James to check on availability of Sheraton ballroom until 6pm
  • Meeting closed 11:50am