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At FOSS4G 2016 there was a special session on Open Source opportunities for Land Administration. It brought together players from all angles and showed that everything is there to get things done. We are only lacking communication of all the related players.


With FOSSS4G 2016 a new format was introduced to the premium OSGeo conference, so called "Topic Talks". These focus on building bridges between communities and domains of interest who are so far largely unaware of each other. One such Topic Talk at the 2016 edition of FOSS4G in Bonn, Germany was titled Open Source Tools and Governance for Land Management.

The Topic talk was jointly prepared and presented by Arnulf Christl (Metaspatial), Athina Trakas (OGC) and John Gitau (UN Habitat).


Access to land, land ownership and tax on real property are the key assets of any national economy. Good governance in land management is a key factor for social stability, prosperity and economic development. One key component for good land management is location based data and the information that be derived thereof. Many nations still even lack basic maps to help identify issues in land governance. With the growing availability of air borne and satellite acquired geospatial data, Open Data projects like OpenStreetMap are growing and start to play an increasingly important role for land management, especially in the so called developing world. This Topic talk will explore the opportunities Open Source tools provide for processing and analyzing geospatial data for Land Management. The associated open governance models are key to the success of implementing sustainable solutions on nationwide distributed systems based on the mantra of thinking globally and acting locally.


  • GLTN, FIG, UNGGIM, OGC, World Bank Group, Cadasta, Metaspatial, ...

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