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Known Issues when 11.0 image went to press

There is no known issue in the 11.0 release yet. As we relay on projects teams to help us on detecting and fixing them, some might not have been found and corrected.

Some bugs of past releases were related to the 32bit version of OSGeo-Live, so we recommend to use the 64bit release.

"Sorry for the inconvenience."

If you can help us detecting and fixing those issues for next release, we would be really grateful.



After launching Ossimplant, the splash screen comes up, then the application just closes. This is specific to VMWare virtual machine. In a Virtualbox VM it works as expected.


Use Virtualbox



GRASS Opacity dialog box too small. In the GRASS GUI, when opening the "Set Opacity" dialog box (right click on a layer), the dialog window is too small and the OK/Cancel buttons do not appear. The dialog box is not resizable, so there's no way to click OK. (tab with the keyboard works, but there's no visual indication that OK is selected..)


Fixed in grass73, that you can install from sources.

QGIS quickstart : incorrect dataset


In the last part of the QGIS quistart, *Importing OSM data*, point 6 filters on highway field. But there is just an id field in the data.


Data building process has to be updated. Try to get another data set from OSM.

ipywidgets unresolved


The current collection of components for ipython and Jupyter is a mix of newer and older.

Therefore, not all the features of Jupyter Notebook interaction are expected to work perfectly. Notebook interaction is (mostly) replaced by JupyterLab? in the future.

But what we ship should be consistant. This test is failing.


Get components from the same timetable.

Missings docs


docs missing files in non-english sections


Help us translate the missing pages