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Problems which have come to light after the 4.0.0 image went to press

These will be fixed in the 4.0.1 release. Fixes given below can be applied by hand; USB-drive and Virtual-machine users will only have to do it once, DVD users will have to re-do it every time they boot. "Sorry for the inconvenience."

GMT and MB-System


A last minute change to a login script meant that GMT was removed from the path, causing problems for things that rely on GMT programs.

  • Open the /home/user/.bashrc file in a text editor (like nano), and edit last two lines of the file to be:
export PATH
  • Additional paths can remain in the PATH definition as long as $PATH: is first.
  • You will have to restart any open Terminals.

Quickstart link on overview page is broken.


add .html to the link in overview.html

AtlasStyler and Geopublisher


The user account does not own the AtlasStyler and Geopublisher configuration files, so can not save changes to them.

  • Open a Terminal and run the following commands:
sudo chown -R user.user /home/user/.AtlasStyler
sudo chown -R user.user /home/user/.Geopublisher

The sudo password is "user".

Mac and Windows installers


Due to a change in the way that Ubuntu connects to the CD/DVD drive, links to the installer directories are broken. The directories themselves are fine, and will load without problem when the disc is inserted into a Mac or PC. (you can find them in the root (/) dir)

  • Open a Terminal and run the following commands:
sudo rm /usr/local/share/MacInstallers
sudo rm /usr/local/share/WindowsInstallers
sudo ln -s /cdrom/WindowsInstallers /usr/local/share
sudo ln -s /cdrom/MacInstallers /usr/local/share

The sudo password is "user".

mapserver icon


The mapserver icon tries to open up a deprecated web page.


Change the properties on the mapserver launchers so that it opens "firefox http://localhost/mapserver_demos/itasca/" (which is the mapserver demo).

  • ~/Desktop/Web\ Services/mapserver.desktop
  • /usr/share/applications/osgeo-mapserver.desktop


(minor issues)

  • Geomajas Quickstart not listed on Overview page: Added link by hand to overview.html
  • Update documentation. Extra quickstarts added for installing onto a USB and into a VM, plus a number of minor tweaks. checkout the trunk/doc directory and trunk/bin/, then re-run "cd trunk/bin ; sudo ./"