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About the Live DVD

The OSGeo Live DVD v3 - code-named Arramagong

Arramagong contains more than 35 of the best and most useful Geospatial Open Source applications and toolkits, pre-configured, including documentation and examples. As a reference release, and royalty free, the Live DVD makes an ideal Geospatial OSS teaching and demonstration platform. The LiveDVD currently includes a large collection of Windows and Macintosh application installers as well.

This LiveDVD boots a pre-configured XUbuntu Linux on any standard PC, and has been extensively tested as a Virtual Machine with VMWare or VirtualBox.

About OSGeo's involvement in GSoC

This is the OSGeo LiveDVD page for Google Summer of Code 2010. Here we will list project ideas and and other information related to the LiveDVD projects.


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(GSoC timeline)

  • Mentoring organization applications open (March 8-12)
  • Accepted mentoring organizations announced (March 18)
  • Interested students should initiate preliminary discussions with projects (March 18-29)
  • Student applications open (March 29)
  • Deadline for student's applications (April 9)
Registering your application early (before the deadline) allows us to give you feedback for revisions before the final deadline, enhancing your proposal and thus giving you a better chance of success.
  • Mentor assignments and application reviews deadline (April 21)
  • Accepted proposals announced (April 26)
  • Community bonding time (getting to know the students)
  • Work Begins (May 24)
  • Midterm evaluation (July 12-16)
  • Pencils down! (August 9)
  • Final evaluations submitted to Google (August 16)

Required Steps

  • List ideas
  • Assign Mentors to Ideas
  • Notify OSGeo
  • Mentors evaluate student applications
  • Accepted students announced
  • Students subscribe to email list and introduce themselves
  • Set up SVN access
    • Create a Wiki page for each accepted project, to be used as a progress reporting tool
  • Coding begins...
  • Students and mentors: Complete the Mid-term survey
  • Final commit and packaging for Google


  • Project ideas of your own are also most welcome.

Automated testing of all projects

Willing to Mentor: Cameron Shorter

The LiveDVD contains a simple list of test steps for each geospatial application here: .

Many project also have their own automated testing systems.

What would be very useful would be one, or a set of automated testing processes, which would run all applications and verify they work. We encourage students to suggest Open Source testing frameworks which should be applied to Open Source Geospatial applications.

This project would contribute significantly to OSGeo Software Quality by providing a systematic testing process.

Multi-language support

Willing to Mentor: (your name here)

Consistent dataset across projects

Willing to Mentor: Cameron Shorter

Currently applications have all been packaged with their own datasets. This results in multiple, similar datasets all on the DVD taking up valuable room. It also makes it difficult to compare the different applications.

This project would involve aligning all projects to use a core set of datasets. It would likely involve updating documentation for many of the applications.

While this project is valuable, it probably won't contain enough software development, and would require liaison with too many stakeholders to make it a worthy SoC candidate.

Accepted Ideas

  • TBD