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Th/Fr 4 Mar 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010 at 7pm GMT - Click here to see this time in your local timezone
  • According to our schedule, we are a few days late for our RC3 release. I hope that we can get the next release out this weekend,
  • And we have 12 days till the final release.
  • This meeting is to set out our plan for getting this final release out the door.
  • Planning and documenting testing, as per: Live GIS Disc Testing. I want to have a brief test description for every package, and then track that someone has tested every application.
New "Tested in RC?" column added in google spreadsheet
  • Decide on background image
  • Decide on menu structure, (can we loose the icons from the desktop?)
  • From the next release, we need to test creating an ISO image. Do we have a volunteer?
  • Documentation: I'd love it if someone could go through all documentation and make it consistent (without changing any content). If we are really keen, it would be good if someone could incorporate Jody's OpenOffice overview of each package, and incorporate this into the documentation build. Jody has documented how to start up and run most of the packages, using screen snapshots and all. [link please] I've worked out how we can convert these docs into HTML from an install script using abiword. If we haven't got time for this, it will need to wait until the next release.
  • SVN → website cron job; project presentation; data/ dir.

We/Th 27 Jan 2010


  • Prioritise tasks that we will work on for the upcoming 3.0 release
  • Roundup of new programs since 2.0
  • Update on what's happening with Click2Try

Possible Areas for improvement:

  • Clean up desktop icons
    • maybe use a menu instead
    • probably create a section for "bleeding edge" releases and packages. This section doesn't need the same level of QA as the rest.
  • Make build scripts consistent
    • copy config files from checked out svn directory, rather than "wget". This means we can rebuild old releases (which can't be done at the moment).
    • Use the same tmp file names
  • Quality Control:
    • Have each project write a test plan which explains how to test to see if the project works
  • Move toward OSGeo incubation
    • Put commit processes in place, and specify which licences can and cannot be added
    • Have committers sign up to maintain the commit guidelines
    • Specify license guidelines
  • Data Sets:
    • Package up a common dataset
    • Encourage (but not mandate) projects to use the dataset
  • Documentation: (probably to target 4.0, foss4g 2010)
    • Provide tutorial guidelines
    • Encourage projects to populate the tutorials in line with the guidelines
  • Install to USB Stick how-to
  • Multi-lingual how-to
  • Wireless network card firmware (and non-Free in general)