Live GIS Disk FOSS4G 2010

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  • Authors: Cameron Shorter, Jody Garnett

This presentation will provide a lightening overview of all the applications on the OSGeo Live DVD.

The OSGeo Live DVD contains over 35 of the best Open Source GeoSpatial applications, bundled on an Xubuntu system. It is an excellent tool for demonstrating GeoSpatial Open Source, using with tutorials and workshops, or providing to potenial new users.

The presentation will be very useful for OSGeo evangillists looking for material to present at other conferences, or attendees wishing to report back to workmates when returning to work.

At FOSS4G 2009, attendees not familiar with the OSGeo stack noted that it would have been useful to attend an overview of the FOSS stack at the conference start to help select which presentations to attend. Hence, we suggest this presentation is presented early in the conference.