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What kinds of sponsorships are solicited by OSGeo?

See http://www.osgeo.org/sponsorship/opportunities

What is the present status of OSGeo sponsorship?

See http://www.osgeo.org/sponsors

When do sponsor logos appear on the OSGeo website?

Once sponsorship commitments are received, a logo from the sponsor is added to the sponsors recognition page.

See http://www.osgeo.org/sponsors

What is "Sponsorship Selection"?

"Sponsorship Selection" refers to OSGeo choosing who will be offcial sponsors for OSGeo's FOSS4G International Conferences. You can see details of how to be a sponsor for the OSGeo's FOSS4G International Conferences at the URL below.


Preferential treatment for OSGeo sponsors in the process of sponsor selection for the conference would only come into play if there were more sponsors than available sponsor slots.

Presently, only limited number of sponsors are considered for conference sponsors and their logos will be shown at a prominent location in the conference hall. Limiting the number of positions for conference Sponsors is meant to encourage early sponsor commitments by making the sponsor slots somewhat exclusive.

Is the local sponsorship scheme same as OSGeo.org sponsorship?

The OSGeo Executive Director will serve as a contact point to those who are doing international solicitation for sponsors. After the kind of sponsorship, sponsor level, etc. are agreed upon, the appropriate invoice can be issued by OSGeo. In case the invoice is needed in a local country, OSGeo can request the Local Chapter Representative to issue an invoice on behalf of OSGeo. In case of local chapter sponsors the preferred approach would be that someone from the local chapter connects with the main organisation while also providing support/services to make the adminstrative process easier.

An OSGeo local chapter could solicit local sponsors for the local chapter if the OSGeo local chapter desires to. However, if the sponsorship stays with the local chapter then the sponsor would be considered a local sponsor, to be appropriately acknowledged on the local chapter web site and other local promotional materials. If the sponsorship stays with an OSGeo local chapter, it would not be considered at the same level as OSGeo "Foundation Sponsorship" or OSGeo"Project Sponsorship" mentioned earlier in this document.

If a potential sponsor is primarily interested in supporting efforts of an OSGeo local chapter, then it is suggested that the OSGeo local chapter consider establishing some guidelines for local sponsorship and solicit the funds for local use. If this approach is considered inadvisable, then the OSGeo local chapter encouraged to solicit support as a general "Foundation Sponsorship"and perhaps the foundation could make some special effort to fund OSGeo local chapter activities if that is the desire of the sponsoring organization.

Will OSGeo sponsors be invited to the next FOSS4G Conference?

Every sponsor above the "Associate Sponsor" level will receive an invite to join the board and other speakers at a sponsors-only event following the conference. (See http://www.osgeo.org/sponsorship). The OSGeo sponsorship indicates that "Sustaining Sponsor" and "Principle Sponsors" will have special rights to sponsorship selection for the conference.

Only OSGeo "Foundation Sponsors" and "Conference Sponsors" are treated separately. "Conference Sponsors" will be acknowledged as on the various conference materials. If OSGeo "Foundation Sponsor" or "Project Sponsor" also wish to be "Conference Sponsor" then an additional payment will be required as decided by the conference committee.

Can the sponsor specify the purpose for which the sponsorship fee can be used?

Generally no, not through the "Foundation Sponsor" program, though some advice might be well received as long as the advice is considered congruent to the mission and objectives of OSGeo. OSGeo does not provide any guarantee that particular suggestions of sponsors will be accepted. If the sponsoring organization desires to receive the formal benefits of sponsorship then they are not able to decide how the money is used.

OSGeo also has a "Project Sponsor" program in which case sponsorship can be applied to a specific project, but only if a project is soliciting "Project Sponsor" positions. The only OSGeo project that is presently soliciting "Project Sponsor" is ithe GDAL/OGR project.

If an organization wished to be an OSGeo "Foundation Sponsor" or "Project Sponsor" they could become sponsors for them separetely, following the normal procedures. OSGeo may decide whether to hold money on behalf of local chapters or whether the funds should be directly disbursed to the local chapter. If OSGeo deems it necessary to hold funds on behalf of local chapters this implies some degree of due diligence to ensure the money is spent responsibly.

How do we sponsor OSGeo in a "non-standard" or special way not described in this document above?

If an organization would like to provide money in a "non-standard" way that is not described in this document, appropriate ways can be worked out in consultation with the Executive Director of OSGeo. Regular donations are possible at any time but do not receive the benefits of the formal sponsorship methods.

What would be the benefits for sponsors who sponsor OSGeo Local Chapter only?

The benefits for Local Chapter Sponsors are similar to those described for Foundation Sponsor but only on a focused local/regional scale. The benefits will not include any promotion at the Foundation Sponsor levels but will provide similar opportunities at local events and through local promotion efforts.

Will Local Chapter Sponsor be invited to OSGeo events such as FOSS4G conference etc.?

Local Chapter sponsors will be invited to local events and promotion opportunities.