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OSGeo Logo

Please read the style guide to learn how to use the OSGeo logo.

You find all files on github:

The style guide provides colors and font information and an overview of how to apply OSGeo branding for your project, local chapter or event.

  • for headers: Miriam Libre Bold
  • for body text: Sintony Regular
  • Light: #4DB05B Pantone: 361 U RGB: 74 178 93 CMYK: 58 0 48 30
  • Dark: #003A40 Pantone: 330 U RGB: 0 58 64 CMYK: 95 55 55 55
  • Branding Elements: compass points extending to edge of frame
  • Photos: drone photography, or appropriate cartography content for your target audience. Photos are placed behind a 50% transparent black layer to allow text to stand out.
  • See the style guide for visual examples of fonts, colors, sub-brands, distinct brands, color use and cartography, along with application of OSGeo branding elements to evertyhing from banners to buisness cards.