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  • We have a very broad vision (Empower everyone with open source geospatial) that allows OSGeo to collaborate with a wide range of organizations
  • MOU should be in aide of one or more Foundation Goals
  • MOU should not conflict with Foundation Goals
  • In general the partner has proposed a document structure they are comfortable with

Joint Activities

MOU should cover commitment to any join activities:

  • Be sure that MOU covers open source software (not only educational objectives for example)
  • Be sure that at least one activity is helping the partner contribute to open source (not only use of our projects but contributing to)

Review or recurring commitment

  • This MOU will be reviewed biennially by both parties at which time revisions may be made and the agreement renewed.

Relationship should support not only use but participation

Promoting use of open source is not enough, OSGeo wishes to also promote open source participation:

  • Contribute to geospatial open source projects
    1. Direct participation in the development and documentation of OSGeo projects
    2. Positive and productive participation in project email list and communication channels
    3. Use of the project issue tracker and public support channels
    4. Establish open source contribution policy explicit policies for shared intellectual property (as an example several of OSGeo projects require organizations sign a contributor license agreement on behalf of their researchers.)