Managing Changes to Code

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The following are recomended rules for managing code in an open source project.

Code Submission Rules

This is an open project so anyone that is a member can submit an issue and/or attach code to an issue to resolve an issue. However, not all code or issues will be accepted by the owners and existing developers of this project. Issues, code, comments, and documentation must be well written and pass a review by at least one of the developers and may be vetoed by any developer or the project owners. In addition we have the following code submission process. Failure to follow the process may cause you to be removed from the project.

Code Submission Process :

  • All changes must be in reference to an issue to resolve a Defect, Patch, Task, Feature, or Enhancement.
  • All code to resolve the issue must be attached to an issue for review prior to committing to the database
  • All changes must be reviewed by at least one other member with developer status or the project owner
  • Any reviewed code that receives a negative review or request for modification cannot be committed until either a discussion of the code and issue reverses the negative review or that the code is modified to remove the objection. You may also be required to include comments, changes to documentation, and unit tests before code can be committed.

When code is posted to Subversion, in the submission comment you must reference a short description of the issue, short description about the change, the issue number, and the developer ID of the reviewer.

Note: All members can submit issues and attach code modifications to the issues for review. If code is reviewed positively, you may be granted a developer role at that time or someone will post the code to Subversion for you.