MapGuide Open User Technical FAQ's

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MapGuide Open User Technical FAQ's

Is there a way around Window's XP Internet Information Services 10 connection limit?
Yes, this constraint can be partially worked around by editing the IIS Metabase. For those interested in getting under the hood, you can download the Metabase editor from here: Then, change the LM\W3SVC\MaxConnections value from 10 to 40. Note that setting it above 40 will not help.

Can a resource point to my Shape, SDF or Raster files in a file location outside of the repository?
Yes, you can work-around this by following the steps found in this mail list post. There is also a white paper on this topic on Autodesk's MapGuide Enterprise web site at:

Is there a good resource for database connection string information?
Yes, check out I'm sure if we get them OGR connection strings, they will publish them as well.

How do I use the open source raster provider with Studio?
Instructions for this are on FDO Trac

How do I get the Trial version of MapGuide Studio to work with the latest MapGuide Open Source Server?
You can sign up to have a trial CD sent to you on the Autodesk site