MapGuide Project Update - 2007 Q1

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About MapGuide

MapGuide Open Source is an advanced platform for web-based geospatial application development, data update, and publishing. MapGuide incredibly flexible, being cross-platform (Windows and Linux) and cross-language (PHP, Java, and ASP.Net). It includes a strong geospatial processing API, and a large number of output formats, such as image (PNG, JPG, etc), WMS, WFS, and KML. In addition, by leveraging the flexible FDO Open Source data abstraction library, MapGuide can access multiple data sources, such as MySQL, PostGIS, Oracle, ArcSDE, Shape Files, SDF, WMS, WFS, and many image formats.

Recent Events

Since its initial release, there have been several significant events

  • November 2005
    • Autodesk announces that new MapGuide code will be released as open source.
    • Technology preview release of MapGuide Open Source (under the ill-fated name MapServer Enterprise)
  • February 2006
    • MapGuide code is made available through the Open Source Geospatial Foundation
    • MapGuide Open Source 1.0.0 is released
    • MapGuide development team starts using public issue tracking and feedback mechanisms
  • July 2006
    • MapGuide Open Source 1.0.1 is released
  • September 2006
    • Provenance review is completed
  • October 2006
    • MapGuide Open Source 1.0.2 is released
    • MapGuide Open Source Project Steering Committee is formed. MapGuide Open Source is now controlled by a group of developers and users, the majority of which are not Autodesk employees.
    • First official RFC (Request For Change) is posted for review
  • January 2007
    • MapGuide Open Source 1.1.0 is released
    • Open source GDAL Raster provider replaces proprietary Autodesk Raster Provider
    • A flexible development tracking system (Trac) is implemented. This allows users to more easily submit bug reports and enhancement requests.
  • March 2007
    • MapGuide graduated from OSGeo Incubation, showing an acceptable level of participation, freedom from code encumbrances, and use of standard open source development methodologies.

Under Development

In the past months, several exciting new features have been added to MapGuide Open Source

  • Native KML publishing, including support for regions, view-based scale ranges, and extrusion.
  • Introduction of a highly configurable stylization engine, allowing for complex custom point and line styles


  • In the first three months of 2007, statistics show approximately
    • 2300 Windows downloads
    • 900 Linux downloads
    • 1200 PHP developer sample downloads
    • 1200 .Net developer sample downloads
    • 750 Java developer sample downloads
  • mapguide-users mailing list
    • 470 members
    • averaging about 20 messages/day
  • mapguide-internals (core development) mailing list
    • 130 members
    • averaging about 8 messages/day
  • 17 RFCs (Requests for Change) submitted and adopted
  • More useful stats can be found on the Ohloh site: