MapServer Report 2007

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Project Name = MapServer

  • Period covered by report: Jan-Dec 2007
  • Contact name: Steve Lime

Key Accomplishments

  • Transformed the MapServer Technical Steering Committee (TSC) into the MapServer Project Steering Committee (PSC) (see RFC-23)
  • Added four new members to the PSC
  • Three maintenance releases of MapServer 4.10
  • Migrated significant portions of MapServer project infrastructure, specifically CVS and Bugzilla, from the University of Minnesota to OSGeo infrastructure (SVN and Trac) in April 2007
  • Implemented a buildbot
  • Released MapServer 5.0 in early September 2007 closing more than 200 tickets. Key features include:
    • Support for the AGG rendering engine
    • Label prioritization control
    • Style and label attribute binding
    • Dynamic charting capabilities
    • Raster color correction via color lookup table
    • Dynamic allocation for most statically allocated elements (e.g. layers, classes and styles)
    • Improved memory management and garbage collection for MapScript
    • Enhanced debug/logging capabilies

Areas for Improvement

  • OSGeo incubation process was slow, primarily limited to infrastructure migration from UMN to OSGeo.
  • Like most projects, keeping documentation up-to-date with development remains a challenge.
  • There was little or no time for collaboration with other similar (e.g. MapNik, GeoServer, MapGuide) projects although I guess this is only natural given the other demands of working on a project.
  • The MapServer development team did a poor job representing the new release of MapServer (5.0) at the FOSS4G conference in Victoria.

Opportunities to Help

  • list areas that could use some help from members and readers of the report

Outlook for 2008

  • this is the motivational part that is meant to inspire readers to keep their eyes open for great stuff in 2008 :)