Marketing Meeting 2007.10.10

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First thing is a regular meeting, the first takes place Wednesday Oct. 10th at 15:00 UTC on (#osgeo). IRC client

Meeting Agenda 2007.10-10

  • Rename "Promotion and Visibility" to "Marketing" committee
  • Arnulf nominates Jeroen to join VisCom / Marketing Committee
  • Update Wiki pages ACTION: Arnulf
  • Update portal pages (contact WebCom) ACTION: (add name)
  • Update Flyer, new design, hq print outs (input from Jeroen)
  • Proposed Service Provider Directory changes ACTION: Arnulf
  • Clothing, etc - providing opportunities for people to buy stuff ACTION: Tyler
  • Supporting events - for example
    • OSGeo-fr at GeoTunis ACTION: Yves Jacolin
    • OSGeo support on 3rd gvSIG conference: ACTION: Jorge Sanz
    • FOSS4G 2008: Action: Tyler
  • Please add


Roll call

  • Tyler Mitchell
  • Arnulf Christl
  • Yves Jacolin

Action Items

  • Arnulf will update Wiki pages.
  • ACTION: Tyler to help compile a page for this and discuss with webcom
Proposed Service Provider Directory changes ACTION: Arnulf
[17:34:54] <seven> I just need to make Arnulf write up what they discussed at the Board Meeting.
[17:36:04] <seven> The idea is that service providers who want to can get "vetted" by the PSC of the projects that they want to provide services for.
[17:36:17]  nhvL is now known as nhv
[17:36:34] <TylerM> So that PSC's can "highlight" individuals/companies as being OSGeo contributors.. right?
[17:36:40] <seven> They should have somebody in the corresponding dev team or have provided translations, or doics or whatever is good for a project.
[17:36:50] <seven> Yes.
[17:36:59] <seven> Its like Karma points
[17:37:02] <TylerM> As a way of helping direct "clients" to people are most involved in OSGeo.
[17:37:14] <seven> Exactly.
[17:37:23] <seven> There is a second way to get Karma
[17:37:34] <seven> by buying oneself into OSGeo as a sponsor.
[17:37:50] <seven> This will be depicted by a clearly distinct symbol
[17:38:12] <seven> so that a service provider can be "blank" (like now all are by default)
[17:38:31] <seven> or have a $$$ Tag (nice golden star...)
[17:38:38] <seven> if they are sponsors
[17:38:52] <TylerM> I'm looking forward to seeing it
[17:38:58] <seven> or they have a golden, blue or grey (depending on the level) wrench
[17:39:13] <seven> if they are core contributers, documenters, translaters, etc.
[17:39:45] <seven> Yes, me too. Again it will probably not happen because Arnulf is a lazy metal dog.
[17:40:14]  seven copies the ideas into the meeting minutes...


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