Marketing Meeting 2010.10.14

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  1. trademark issues
  2. website overhaul
  3. Marketing Artefacts
  4. New Meeting Schedule


  • Detailed discussion in logs here
  • Attending: Alex, Tyler, Cameron, Daniele

Different uses of OSGeo Trademarked material (ie Logo)

  1. OSGeo subgroups
    1. OSGeo Project
    2. OSGeo Chapter
  2. OSGeo Sponsors
  3. Service Providers
  4. Non-OSGeo Projects

Details and Actions

  1. Trademark issues
    1. Talking with some people it's seems that the use of OSGeo logos etc still is confusing when they are not just saying "we use OSGeo software".
    2. TODO: Alex to review/suggest documentation to clarify logo usage, primarily for corporate users, to clear the air and help them relax.
  2. Website overhaul
    1. Tyler gave update. Two stages - one migration to upgrade drupal platform, two implement new theme. Conversion and migration underway, aiming for year end completion.
    2. Mockup has had positive reaction. Mindmap of content/layout was open for lots of comments over many months, seems static now.
  3. Marketing Artefacts.
    1. Cameron gave some further context. Trying to align marketing needs with wiki Marketing Artefacts as a proposal for incubation criteria. Another week or two to complete and put out for comment.
  4. New Meeting Schedule
    1. 19:30 GMT, second Tuesday (Wednesday in some eastern timezones)
    2. TODO: Tyler update Marketing Meetings page and Marketing.ics calendar file.