Marketing Meeting 2020-06-05

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Meeting Details


  • Jody
  • Astrid
  • Enock



Service Provider Care and Feeding


  • tweets about joining as service provider/member/sponsoring
  • tunnel tweets to facebook and LinkedIn

Promoting OSGeo projects on MapScaping podcast


  • reduce marketing budget for this year, no much have been used / no FOSS4G because of COVID

Board related


  • TODO: Improve getting started and adding user step-by-step guide
  • TODO: bi-weekly tweets on sponsors / service provides
  • TODO: Regular posts and Facebook
  • TODO: Booth or OSGeo activities during upcoming Virual SOTM -- Enock to find out
  • ACTION: Enock to reach out to RUFORUM team; OSGeoLive USB sticks needs and also propose a webinar where OSGeo marketing can present OSGeoLive / OSGeo to their members