Marketing Meeting 2022-01-12

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Meeting Details



Scribing: Astrid

Attending: Enock, Astrid


FOSS4G 2022

  • August 22-28
  • Plan: Organize a booth wit marketing material
  • Astrid, Enock plan to go to FOSS4G. Who else?
  • ACTION: Astrid write a mail to FOSS4G team to provide help with the booth

Budget 2022

* question about Map-Budget - do we need it



  • ACTION Enock ask African Podcast team to add a Resouce for the podcast
  • ACTION Enock promote SoTM 2021 videos on the discuss list
  • ACTION Astrid promote mapscaping/OSGeoLive podcast on discuss list when summary is
  • ACTION Astrid give Budget Information to the board

Next meeting