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Media Sponsorship is a regular part of the FOSS4G conference event and a similar model is applied to OSGeo Media Sponsors. In exchange for valuable advertising space or opportunities to write articles, OSGeo recognizes a company as an official Media Sponsor. A written agreement laying out the following provisions is reviewed and renewed on an annual basis.

  1. Potential Media Sponsors are companies that focus on media outreach - magazines, online industry news sites, publishers, etc.
  2. Vendor-specific marketing outreach companies are not a good fit for this program, e.g. the aim is to partner with media companies that are sympathetic with OSGeo's mission.
  3. A commitment of $X,000 (5,000?) worth of corporate resources in the form of:
    1. Advertising space in printed form or online
    2. Featured space for writing articles around OSGeo topics
    3. Feature OSGeo Press Releases and News Items
    4. Placement of OSGeo logo as a partner on related website or documents
    5. What else?

OSGeo Provides

  1. Media sponsors are recognized along with main Foundation Sponsorship partners on and at events around the world.
  2. OSGeo works with the sponsors, and the OSGeo community, to use the available resources provided through this program.