Meeting Minutes Summer 2006

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Where 2.0 Discussion

We discussed the OSGeo presence at Where2.0 this week. The group felt that we were doing a good job of this. We have

  • a keynote
  • a good sized booth
  • a developer round-table
  • an OSGeo BOF scheduled

We discussed and agreed to have a set of people we have arranged for people to staff the BOF and the developer roundtable.

Budget Discussion - Need $285,000 to $520,000

We discussed two sets of budget items. One was the idea of an "Executive Director" who would represent OSGeo on a full-time basis to make sure we are fulfilling the OSGeo mission and priorities.

The priorities have been discussed on the board list. For focus, we limited our discussion to the top five priorities, because we felt that they:

  • had the most impact on fulfilling our mission
  • included the greatest number of operational expenses that would be required

In summary, we will need to raise between $275,000 and $520,000 to be effective in carrying out the priorities as expressed by the OSGeo community since its inception four months ago in Chicago.

We broke the discussion into two discussions about:

  1. The hiring of an executive director.
  2. The budget required to implement the top five priorities we've identified.

Executive Director - $135,000 to $170,000

  • Evangelism
  • MarComm
    • Internal and External
    • Outward bound communication
    • Community Management
    • Fundraising
    • Conference management
  • Excellent Communications Skills
  • Needs to be conversant with developer and user community concerns
  • Needs to understand open source
  • Must be willing to travel world-wide
  • Fully burdened cost $135-170K
  • Salary – negotiable $90-120K
  • Fringe (Medical, Insurance, DSL, etc.) $15-20K
  • Travel