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Name: Micah Wengren Wengren profile photo.jpg
Job Title: Information Architect/Physical Scientist
Company: NOAA
Address: 1315 E West Hwy
City: Silver Spring
State: Maryland
Country: USA
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Email: micah(dot)wengren(at)gmail(dot)com
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Personal Description : Micah works for the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and has been a user and supporter of open source geospatial software since the mid-2000's. Micah has worked to integrate GeoServer and GeoNode into NOAA geospatial data publishing workflows. He led a project to enable better multi-user, enterprise deployment for GeoServer with NOAA and OpenGeo in 2012, and contributed code to GeoNode to prototype a data discovery portal as an add on to the NOAA GeoServer hosting system. Since then, Micah has worked primarily in the open data field, supporting the NOAA Data Catalog (https://data.noaa.gov) and the Integrated Ocean Observing Systems (IOOS) Catalog (https://data.ioos.us). Micah currently works for the NOAA IOOS office helping manage the data publishing framework for IOOS' ocean observation and forecast data throughout the coastal United States, Pacific Islands and Great Lakes.
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