NACIS 2009

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North American Cartographic Information Society

Event Owner
Alex Mandel(wildintellect)
October 7-10, 2009
Sacramento, Ca
Annual Conference

Papers, Posters & Web Maps

  • Paper submission deadline: May 31,2009
  • Poster submission deadline: Sept 21,2009
  • Student Web Map competition submission deadline: Sept 21,2009

For more information, view the Call for Participation [1].


NACIS representatives invited us at AAG 2009 but apparently they don't actually have booths as a means of keeping the conference less commercial. They did offer space for a poster and possibly fliers at the registration desk. Also see the speaker section below.


It turns out they want hands on demos, so keep the slides to a minimum and drive the software. Here's the plan for our Demo which is on Wed Oct 7, 2009 as part of the pre-conference "Practical Cartography Day" Presentation will be 50 minutes.


Community members will demonstrate the production of maps using free and open source software available from the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, including, but not limited to, desktop GIS, spatial databases, web service providers, and web programming interfaces for both print and digital static and interactive maps. This session will help show how anyone from the home user to the big GIS shop can use free, high quality GIS programs in entirety or mixed with commercial applications.


  • OpenJump - Landon Blake
  • PostGIS - Brian Hamlin
  • Mapserver - Allan Hollander
  • QGIS - Alex Mandel (wildintellect)

Data Set

We will all be using the same dataset of the Sacramento Region from SACOG. Specific layers TBA. The demo will be run in a virtual machine from the LiveDVD GISVM team.

  • Cities
  • City and County Boundaries
  • Counties
  • Region Outline
  • -
  • Creeks
  • Forests
  • Lakes
  • Rivers
  • Small Lakes
  • -
  • Farmland Regional
  • Parks
  • Amtrak Stations
  • Bike Routes
  • Light Rail
  • Light Rail Stops
  • Major Highways
  • Major Roads
  • Rail
  • -
  • Cemeteries
  • Colleges
  • Golf Courses
  • Hospitals
  • Schools