NASA-ESA WebWorldWind GSoC 2017 Ideas

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In this page, we list all the Ideas for the 2017 program with WebWorldWind.

  • Product: WebWorldWind
  • Mentors: Patrick Hogan, Jakub Balhar, Gabriele Prestifilippo

HeatMap Layer

Produce a HeatMap based on a collection of point data of various degrees of ‘intensity.’ It would require choosing appropriate services to support and then, based on those, build a layer which will do the calculations on the fly.

Vector Layer

Accept data in some of the standard formats and build an appropriately aligned and sized vector-arrow based on them. One example might show wind blowing over terrain or ocean currents. A first step would likely be to assess which standard data formats are used for this. Examples:

KML Extension

The KML Format is currently not fully implemented. What is missing is support for following elements: Tour, PhotoOverlay, MultiTrack, BalloonStyle, LabelStyle, ListStyle, Modification of the KML on the fly after loading other KMLs (Create, Change, Update, Delete), Scale, Model, Orientation.

Integration of OpenSearch

This project is more in the application realm. It would mean some component, would receive the source URL of an OpenSearch API and base queries on keywords, as well as selected areas, and include text metadata as pop-ups or other representation.


Create useful plug-ins bringing new functionality to WebWorldWind, e.g. placemark clusters, which allows clustering a large amount of placemark around the same location thus optimising their visual representation and performance

Generate Vector Tiles from GeoJSON

Create vector tiles from large GeoJSON file still to increase rendering performances. Generic implementations of this exist out there. One could be selected for adaptation and used as an external component, i.e.,

Create Your Own

Please propose your own project idea!