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Welcome !

About Us

Welcome to the official wiki page of OSGeo Nepal, a revitalized local chapter of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Initially started in 2014 and now being resumed, we are a community-driven initiative dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of open source geospatial technologies in Nepal. Our aim is to bring together enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals interested in geospatial technology to collaborate, learn, and contribute to the field.

Rolling Docs

Get recent information about monthly meetups and Agenda From our Rolling Doc

Join Us

To reconnect with us and stay updated on our renewed activities, join our Facebook Group or Google Group This is where we share announcements, events, discussions, and more. If you were part of our previous chapter or are new to the community, we invite you to join us and be part of the journey. Keep in touch with us from Contact US

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As we resume our journey, the OSGeo Nepal Local Chapter's objectives remain aligned with our initial goals:

Revive Open Source Geospatial Technologies

We are rekindling our commitment to promoting open source geospatial technologies in Nepal. By organizing workshops, seminars, and online content, we aim to demonstrate the value and versatility of open source tools for various geospatial applications.

Foster Community Growth

Our mission is to build a stronger and more engaged community of geospatial enthusiasts in Nepal. Through regular meetups, webinars, and collaborative projects, we provide a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and skill development.

Empower through Education

Education continues to be a cornerstone of our efforts. We are dedicated to providing learning resources, training materials, and hands-on sessions that empower individuals with the skills needed to harness open source geospatial technologies effectively.

Advocate for Open Data and Standards

We persist in advocating for the use of open data and standards in Nepal's geospatial landscape. By promoting interoperability and the sharing of geospatial data, we contribute to a more accessible and transparent geospatial ecosystem.

Events and Activities

Stay tuned for our upcoming events and activities. Our revived chapter will host a variety of webinars, workshops, and collaborative projects to engage the community and promote open source geospatial technologies.

How to Get Involved

  1. Join Our Facebook Group: Reconnect with us on Facebook to stay updated, engage in discussions, and receive announcements.
  2. Attend Community Meetings: We organize community meetings regularly. Look out for notifications about upcoming meetings in our Facebook group.
  3. Contribute to Projects: Participate in our collaborative projects and lend your skills to further the geospatial community in Nepal.
  4. Spread the Word: Help us rebuild the OSGeo Nepal community by inviting friends and colleagues to join our efforts.

We plan to extend our reach with other social media and update the wiki as well

Contact Us

If you have questions, suggestions, or memories from our previous chapter, we'd love to hear from you:

We are excited to reconnect with old friends and welcome new faces as we embark on this renewed journey with OSGeo Nepal!

--- Note: This wiki is a collaborative document and will continue to evolve. Your contributions and insights are highly valued!