New Member Nominations 2009

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Name Notes
Peter Batty
  • He's an active advocate for open source geospatial software, helping on several fronts and especially helping to connect people together. He speaks regularly about open source at conferences. He has helped organize local events for FRUGOS, the Front Range Users of Geospatial Open Source, in Colorado. He was a leader of the Denver bid to hold FOSS4G in 2010, and an organizer of the recent WhereCamp5280 event. His extensive experience in the closed source geospatial software world can help him spread the word about the benefits of open source geospatial software to a broader audience as well.
  • Peter has been CTO of two leading geospatial software companies (and two of the world's top 200 software companies), Intergraph and Smallworld (now part of GE). He has also been a founder of two geospatial startups, Ubisense and Spatial Networking. He has contributed to several industry open data standards including the Open Geospatial Consortium in its formative years, and IEC TC57 Working Group 14 (for exchange of electric utility data). He is an active participant in and advocate for OpenStreetMap. He was a member of the Board of GITA (the Geospatial Information and Technology Association) for 5 years, from 2004 through 2008. He has been a member of the GeoWorld magazine Editorial Advisory Board since 1996, has published many articles and spoken at many conferences around the world, and writes a blog called geothought.
David Bitner
  • David has been actively involved in OSGeo from the beginning. David is currently the chair of the OSGeo Public Geospatial Data Committee. David helped found the Twin Cities MapServer Users Group and has helped to organize the group and transition it to the Twin Cities OSGeo Local Chapter. David was on the organizing committee for the Minneapolis MapServer Users Meeting (precursor to FOSS4G) in 2005. David sits on the Project Management Committee of Sahana (open source disaster management software) helping to integrate spatial capabilities leveraging open standards and existing open source geospatial software. David sits on many regional and state committees in Minnesota government through MetroGIS and the Minnesota Governor's Council on Geographic Information. David is an active user of MapServer, PostGIS, and OpenLayers providing support through mailing lists and IRC channels.
Alan Boudreault
  • Alan has been involved with OSGeo software projects since he started working at Mapgears in 2007. He is a committer on the MapServer project and has made several contributions to MapServer already. He is currently the lead of the UbuntuGIS project which provides up to date binaries of several OSGeo packages for Ubuntu users, and he also helps maintain the MapServer and GDAL packages as part of the DebianGIS project.
Daisuke Yoshida
  • Active contribution to OSGeo Japan Local Chapter. Actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies in Japan and Asia through training workshops and publications. Active role in hosting annual FOSS4G events in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka). Regular participation and contribution to FOSS4G International Conferences.
Gérald Fenoy
  • Actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies through training workshops and publications.
Victor Ferreira
  • Enthusiast member of the Portuguese chapter since the beginning. Very active in the organization of the 1st Portuguese FOSS GIS meeting (SASIG -
Duarte Carreira
  • Brilliant FOSS GIS expert. He's been supporting the Portuguese Community since the beginning.
Jorge Gustavo Rocha
  • Member of the Portuguese community since the beginning, he's very active at the international level too. Jorge Gustavo has an important role also in the organization of the Portuguese FOSS GIS meeting (SASIG -
Giovanni Manghi
  • He's the co-organizer of the next Portuguese FOSS GIS meeting (II SASIG - His support to the Portuguese community has always been important.
Dr KS Rajan, International Inst of Information Technology (IIIT)
  • Dr Rajan is an active Osgeo India chapter official( Treasurer) and has taken a number of proactive steps in devolping, participating and teaching and training activities of Open source geospatial tools. Dr Rajan is an associate professor and is heading the Lab fo spatial informatics at IIIT.
Dr H S Rai, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
  • Dr HS Rai , Professor and Head of the Civil Engg dept at Ludhiana is a member of Education and Training Committee of OSGeo-India and is actively involved in attempts to use Open source spatial tools for the benefit of civil Society.
Robert Szczepanek
  • Robert is affiliated with Cracow University of Technology in Poland (Faculty of Environmental Engineering). Robert has played important role in advocacy and popularisation of FOSS and FOSS4G in Poland as well as education based on Open Source Software.
  • Robert has been an active member of OSGeo community and contributor to projects like Quantum GIS and GRASS for long time, and recently also involved in gvSIG project. He is a mover and leader of Polish Translations of UI of all the three projects! He also translates Quantum GIS manual and prepares Polish versions of press releases. Robert also initiated his own project called "GIS icons theme".
  • In education, Robert authored complete course for new adepts of GIS. The course is purely based on Open Source software (including QGIS and GRASS. Robert also encourages his students, to make dissertation based or about FOSS4G and Open Standards, and with success.
Jackie Ng
  • Jackie Ng has been active in supporting MapGuide Open Source. He has become one of the most active community supporters of MapGuide OS outside of the Autodesk MapGuide team. Most recently, Jackie and Jason Birch have contributed scripts and support for improving the build process for MapGuide on Windows.
Haris Kurtagic
  • Four years ago, Haris had never even considered getting involved in open source software. When OSGeo was formed, he leapt in head first, and has become actively involved in the FDO and MapGuide projects. Haris has developed several FDO providers, including Oracle, KML, and Informix, has created a data interchange tool called FDO2FDO, and has most recently created a configuration-only RESTful publishing mechanism for MapGuide and FDO. Potentially more importantly, he and his staff actively help both new and experienced users track down problems and answers questions on the mailing lists. I believe that this kind of commitment speaks volumes for the creation of OSGeo, and that Haris is a prime candidate to become an OSGeo charter member.
Justin Bronn
  • Justin's GeoDjango project has given numerous OSGeo projects much wider exposure than they otherwise would have had. GeoDjango makes geographic web programming much easier, and its uptake has risen the boats of GDAL, Proj.4, PostGIS, and GEOS.
Dane Springmeyer
  • As a developer, Dane has straddled the boundaries of a number of OSGeo projects. His contributions to Mapnik, QGIS, and GeoDjango have advanced such topics as CSS styling of cartography, improved cartographic rendering, and basic user documentation.
Josh Livni
  • Josh has been very active local OSGeo chapters on the west coast including the Cascadia and San Francisco Bay area to support conference visibility, public geodata, and community outreach.
Tim Schaub
  • Tim is a major player in several OSGeo and OSGeo-related projects like OpenLayers and GeoExt for which he is in on the PSC. His contributions are impressive and he is always eager to help out on various mailing-lists and IRC.
Sandro Santilli
  • Sandro is a long-time contributor to the PostGIS project, active on the mailing lists, as well as working on his own open source geospatial projects in Flash. Most of the work on PostGIS between versions 0.9 and 1.3 was carried out by Sandro.
Regina Obe
  • Regina is a core contributor to the PostGIS project and has made documentation her primary concern, improving the quality and scope of the PostGIS manuals immensely over several years. Regina is a constant presence on the PostGIS users mailing list, helping a large percentage of users with their problems.
Mark Cave-Ayland
  • Mark is a core contributor to the PostGIS project, providing fundamental code for the 1.4 release and in previous releases taking on the tricky task of working with the selectivity mechanisms. Mark has been working in open source software in general for a number of years, not just geospatial, and has contributed to many open source projects.